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Our incredible donors


Hover over this box to hear about Austins' story

"Austin was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 1992 and had Ruth as his consultant/specialist for 24 years before passing away in September 2016.

When first diagnosed he received some treatment but generally kept good health for 13 years. After a relapse, treatment was regular and without Ruth's expertise and use of some research drugs his life would not have been extended another 11 years.


The support, care and advice received from Dr Ruth Spearing and her team was invaluable and as a family we are pleased to support this research trust."


Hover over this box to hear about Richards story

Richard was diagnosed in January 2016 with a rare mix of two types of leukaemia cells (AML and ALL) and we were very fortunate to be under the care of Dr Ruth Spearing. 
Ruth's experience in this field and with treating other patients in a similar situation, gave us the positivity to move forward with this journey.

She never left a stone unturned and has wonderful support from her colleagues, not only here in New Zealand but overseas too. She called on them for advise and guidance, and is very aware of where the research is heading, particularly with new drugs and new treatments.

She is a very knowledgeable and dedicated specialist in her field.
The care, expertise and support from Dr Ruth Spearing and her colleagues was truly valuable and appreciated by us all as a family.

We need to support the Ruth Spearing Cancer Research Trust, as they need to keep making these steps forward - we need to find a cure for this disease and this can only be done with research and financial support. 
"Only through research will we find the cure" 


Hover over this box to hear about Allans story

Allan Ladbrook was born into a farming family in Southland.  As he was an only child, on leaving school he was expected to come home and work on the farm. He had a thirst for knowledge and his ability to retain numbers in particular, was invaluable in the Romney Stud sheep world.  He had a passion for classical music and had a beautiful tenor voice which was heard in local musicals and choirs and he also played the Church organ for a number of years.  

It was late 2010 when Allan’s Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia was diagnosed by Dr Ruth Spearing. 

From that initial visit she was vigilant at every turn for his general wellbeing and followed up any signs or symptoms that changed along the way.  She persevered above and beyond and we are very thankful for her expertise and dedication in respect of Allan who was able to continue living a reasonably full life for several more years, much longer than it might have been without the commitment of the team at Haematology.

We feel blessed for the friendship and care Ruth offered throughout Allan’s illness and his wife, Mavis and their family of four, are honoured to support the ongoing Cancer Research in her name. 

We are extremely grateful to all of our donors over the years. Recent donors include: 

- Austin Williams
- Richard Cocker 
- Allan and Mavis Ladbrook
- Joan Carroll
- George Family
- Colin Ewings
- Juliet Higgins
- Pat Consedine
- Andrew Family
- Subtil Family
- Mather Family
- McElrea Family

What we have funded so far

  • 2022 - Identification of candidate susceptibility genes for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

  • 2020 - What barriers do South Island adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients face during survivorship?

  • 2019 - South Island AYA group summer studentship: ‘Fertility Discussions with adolescents & young adult cancer patients – do they occur in a timely & equitable manner? - $5750

  • 2017 - Christchurch Haematology Research Group: ‘Characterization of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma occurring in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia’ - $5000

  • 2017 - University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Diagnostic delay in Adolescent and Young Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma patients. Does it exist? A comparative analysis across all ages.’ - $5000

  • 2017 – University of Otago  Peter Dooley’s team ‘Virtual reality in reducing distress in Adolescent and Young Adults undergoing cancer treatment’ -  $6525

  • 2016  - University of Otago project 'Characterisation of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma occurring in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia' - $17,000.00 Christchurch Haematology Research Group

  • 2016 -  University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Diagnostic delay in Adolescent and Young Adult sarcoma patients - does it exist and what are the contributing factors’- $5000

  • 2015 -  - University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Assessment of dose intensity of methotrexate and other chemotherapy agents in Adolescent and Young Adult patients treated for osteosarcoma in New Zealand 2000-2009’ - $5000

  • 2013 - University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Adolescent and young adult malignant bone tumour survival in New Zealand, 2000-2009: A retrospective case review’ - $5000

  • 2012 - Southern District Health Board - donation to setup Clinical Trials unit at Dunedin Hospital - $32,392.37

  • 2011 - Donation to co-fund along with the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation research project Christchurch Haematology Research Group ‘Analysis of Immunosuppression by Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia cells”, looking at the effect of green tea and lenalidomide on T Cells and Natural Killer cell activity, and the known suppressive mechanisms in patients with CLL - $10,000

  • 2010 - University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Outcomes of myeloma in Christchurch’ - $5000

  • 2009 - University of Otago Summer Studentship ‘Outcomes of myeloma in Christchurch’ - $4000

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